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Program presentation

Magnum Photos and Spéos Photo School have partnered to create a unique master class for Creative Documentary & Photojournalism in Paris. This intensive program takes place in Paris, in English only. Embedded within Magnum Photos, this program allows students a unique learning experience, and to encounter of some of the best photographers in the field.

The Creative Documentary & Photojournalism program is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in documentary photography and/or photojournalism, in the Magnum Photos tradition of visual storytelling. It is intended for students who have the maturity and skills to work on long-term thematic projects. Assignments include event photojournalism, short photo essays and a long-term in-depth personal project.

The course equips students with the historical and contextual framework required to develop and engage in critical thinking about documentary photography, as well as providing technical guidance and tutorial support to develop students’ individual documentary practice.

The formal program is delivered by Spéos and its appointed teachers and supplemented by Magnum photographers and staff. Students have unique access to Magnum’s photographers and its experienced staff, with elements of the course taught at the Magnum Photos office in central Paris.

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Next session: September 2021-July 2022
Campus: Paris
Language of instruction: English
– France, UK, EU nationals: €30,000
– International students: €30,000

Diploma: Creative Documentary and Photojournalism by Magnum Photos and Spéos
Title of Photographer RNCP level 7 – code NSF 323 t
This title is registered in the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP) by decree of 25 February 2016 – published in the Journal Officiel of March 17th, 2016.

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Structure of the program

The first semester comprises the core courses, which cover all aspects of professional photojournalism and creative documentary. Top-level professionals hold the courses and monitor the students’ individual acquisition of skills. Outside of class, students independently organize their shooting sessions and post-production, under the continual guidance of their supervisors and Magnum Photos. During this time, students will have access to the extensive book library at the Magnum Photos Paris bureau, featuring an inimitable collection of renowned photo publications.

During the second semester of the program, the students improve their practical skills and broaden their range of knowledge. The Spéos course proper will be complemented by the Magnum Photos component, consisting of regular review sessions, artist presentations, assignments and discussions with Magnum photographers and staff in the agency.

The last week of the second semester is dedicated to the setting up of a themed exhibition – an important event visited by established photographers, photo agencies and the press. The students also have the possibility to exhibit their work online in the web galleries of Spéos website.

The Expert modules aim at deepening the students’ previous knowledge and skills in those areas that are most demanded by the professional market. Each module takes place over several weeks, in June and July.

Courses and conferences are taught by experienced and recognized professionals who share their experience and know-how from their respective fields of expertise. These speakers emphasize the practical ownership of these skills and offer students valuable experience gain for their own personal projects.
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In July, the students participate in the design and creation of a magazine featuring their own photographic work to promote their achievements. This magazine is entirely designed by and for the students, with an editorial written by one of them.

Alice Vasconcelos, Spéos Alumni 2019: « We have a lot of knowledge from amazing Photographers »

Course description