Spéos is a vocational technical school and as such was able to remain open during the entire Covid-19 pandemic so far. The school has put into place all necessary means to adapt its pedagogy and organization in order to ensure the continuity of its training.

Application of sanitary measures

Spéos has spacious premises (1,200 m2 total) and teaches in small groups (12 to 16 students per class). The school has put into place all required sanitary measures:

  • masks are mandatory for everybody (the school has spare masks if need be)
  • hand sanitizer is available to students and teachers in all rooms
  • updated information is posted regularly
  • reinforcement of hygiene measures (washing one’s hands regularly, avoid shaking hands, cough or sneeze into one’s elbow, use disposable tissues)
  • cleaning of all premises is reinforced (disinfections and ventilation)

In case of a future mandatory lockdown by the government, the school year will be extended to compensate for the time missed, as it was already done during the first lockdown in April 2020 when Spéos stayed open during summer to make up for the classes missed in March and April.

Installation of air filters

In January 2022, Spéos equipped its classrooms with high-end medical grade air filters. They guarantee a healthy indoor environment and limit the propagation of epidemics by eliminating 99.6% of fine particles, bacteria and viruses present in the air (Covid-19 coronavirus, but also influenza and gastroenteritis).

Rapid adaptations to ensure educational continuity

As soon as the first lockdown took place in March 2020, Spéos quickly reorganized itself in order to continue its primary mission: training the photographers of today and tomorrow. The school set up distance learning solutions allowing the confined students — wherever they were in the world — to continue their program in close collaboration with their teachers.

Spéos equipped all its classrooms with video-conferencing systems, allowing for simultaneous face-to-face and online teaching. The students were thus able to decide on their learning methods (except for the studio classes, which remain face-to-face workshops).

During the second lockdown, which in France started on 30 October 2020, Spéos continued to operate normally and ensured that all its courses ran smoothly.

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